Daniel J. Dye

Prosecutor.  Father.  Proud Pennsylvanian.

About Dan

Dan’s background

Dan is a career prosecutor.  A former Lancaster County Assistant District Attorney and graduate of the Penn State Dickinson School of Law.  Dan currently serves as a Senior Deputy Attorney General prosecuting criminal cases throughout Pennsylvania.   For over a decade Dan has fought for abused and neglected children in Lancaster County and beyond.  

Dan is also a father and husband.  Motivated by a desire to make Lancaster County more safe and secure, Dan has been active in the community and in philanthropic efforts for causes related to child welfare.  Recent charity efforts have included raising awareness and funds for the Lancaster County Children’s Alliance - a non- profit organization providing forensic interviews and medical services to child victims of crime. 


The measure of any society is how well it protects its weakest and most innocent citizens.   Child abuse is a criminal threat to the welfare of our society.  Through community outreach, raising awareness and working together we can make our children safer and our communities more secure. 


Dan believes by working together we can effectively combat child abuse and neglect.   This public welfare crisis requires a joint effort by government, business leaders, educators, healthcare providers, and the community.  Dan is actively leading the way to forge working partnerships to protect our children and make our community more safe. 


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Support the Lancaster County Children’s Alliance

The reality is that many children in Lancaster County and throughout Pennsylvania are abused.  The Lancaster County Children’s Alliance, as a Children’s Advocacy Center, brings together in one location child abuse professionals who can support the needs of the child victims and their families. 

A Children’s Advocacy Center is woven and tied together by community agencies and professionals. The team works together to reduce the trauma victims experience and enhance the ability to respond to child maltreatment.

The Lancaster County Children’s Alliance embraces the fundamental elements that make up the ten NCA Standards for Accredited Members.  Seven core disciplines form a multi-disciplinary team and lead the investigation with efficiency.  Team members and LCCA staff provide services to victims and non-offending family members at child-friendly facilities.

The Lancaster County Children’s Alliance believes a joint investigative approach, where information can flow seamlessly among the professionals who need it- assists families, helping them understand the system and refer to needed resources and services.

Like the quilts Lancaster County is known for, the Children’s Alliance brings together individual pieces to form a source of comfort for victims and the families from beginning to end.

For more information go to http://www.lancastergeneralhealth.org/LGH/Our-Services/Childrens-Advocacy-Center.aspx